Tuesday, September 29, 2009

DJ 5150 PRESENTS: Lil Mook & Darryl J- SEC

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DJ 5150 brings you two of the hottest artists out of the South Eastern region, 
Darryl J from Kentucky and Lil Mook from Alabama. It was only right for 5150
to team up with them to form the SEC, South Eastern Connection. Let's go!

1.Darryl J - S.E.C Intro
2.Darryl J & Lil Mook - Taxin (Prod. By Cryptonite)
3.Darryl J & Lil Mook Feat Ql'z - Got Purp
4.Darryl J - Speaks
5.Darryl J & Lil Mook - Sumthing Else(Prod. By Cryptonite)
6.Lil Mook - Ezotic Hydro Interlube
7.Darryl J & Lil Mook - Xzotic Hydro (Prod. By The Future)
8.Darryl J & Lil Mook - She Bad (Prod. By Misguided Production)
9.Darryl J Feat Lil Mook & Yung Twizzle - Street Money Remix
10.Darryl J Feat Star Six-Nine - Getit Poppin
11.Lil Mook - Deuces
12.Darryl J Feat D Burns - Damn Homie (Prod. By Slash Major)
13.Lil Mook - Swaggin In Tha Trap
14.Out The Pot Ent- First Name Last Name Freestyle
15.Lil Mook - Xzotic Party
16.Darryl J - My Donk
17.Lil Mook - What About You
18.Darryl J - Kush Muzik
19.Lil Mook - Top Down
20.Darryl J - Trap House
21.Darryl J & Lil Mook -Interstate Trap
22.Lil Mook Feat Darryl J & Knuck
23.Darryl J & Lil Mook - Dope Boy Money
24.Darryl J & Lil Mook - Throw It Back

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