Thursday, December 24, 2009

DJ 5150 & Darryl J- Jack Frost [mixtape]

1.Check feat Murdastyle(prod by cryptonite)
3.Drug Train feat Newton(prod by blizz on tha beats)
4.Time to cook feat Yung Twizzzle
5.Ice pack money feat big stacksss (prod. by slash major)
6.Damn homie feat d burns (prod by slash major)
7.Everyday christmas feat Gucci Mane & ql's
8.Get it in
9.Go get it feat d burns & oohm(prod by slash major)
10.Bank rolls feat Will p & Troop(prod by king david)
11.Luv wit my money
12.Shit to loose feat Lil Mook(prod by cryptonite)
13.Get it poppin feat Star Six-Nine
14.Tip of her tongue feat J.E. & trina
15.She bad feat lil mook(prod by misguided production)
16.What they want(prod by DillBill)
17.Kush musik
18. I'm goin harder
19.Whole one feat Young Buck(prod by king david)
20.What's yo name
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