Friday, February 26, 2010

Los Angeles Lakers great Magic Johnson

Los Angeles Lakers great Magic Johnson was at Thursday's UK-South Carolina game at Rupp Arena. Read what Johnson had to say in an interview with Dick Gabriel during the pregame show. ...

On his commitment to education and desire to spread the word ...
"It really is. When you think about trying to make sure that the dropout rate doesn't increase. When you think about the age now is 16. Everybody is proposing now that they move that age up to 18. And that would be great for everybody. What young people have to realize now is that you have to graduate high school and hopefully go on. If you can't go to college then get a trade, to make sure you can get a job."

On why he was in Kentucky today ...
"I was here because your great governor and the first lady are really concerned about black males. Right now, when you think about unemployment for black males, 30 percent right now across the country. We are trying to get them to not only stay in school but graduate high school and also give them the opportunity to go on to college, because what they need to understand is that your way of going or getting out of the ghetto in your neighborhood is not through basketball and sports anymore. It is about education. President (Barack) Obama has proven that; others have proven that. We are trying to get them motivated, get them to see that someone cares about them, then they can go on to college."

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