Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Sam Adams- Party Records [Mixtape]

01. Living The Dream (Prod. by Doctor P)
02. Hold On (Prod. by Rusko)
03. Lemonade (Prod. by Bangladesh)
04. Some Chordz (Prod. by Deadmaus)
05. Share Your Dolla (Prod. by Vision)
06. Bass Head (Prod. by Bassnectar)
07. Summer Techno (Prod. by Sam Adams)
08. No Speak Americano (Prod. by Yolanda Be Cool)
09. I Got ‘Em Like (Prod. by Rusko)
10. Heads Will Roll (Prod. by A-Trak & Yeah Yeah Yeahs)
11. I’m On (Prod. by Ski Beatz)
12. Gonna Be Ok (Prod. by Vision)
13. Lonely People (Prod. by Matt Caprio)
14. Frat Music (Prod. by Clinton Sparks)
15. All That (Prod. by Poobs)

Download: Sam Adams- Party Records

look at the production on this tape and tell me you don't want to give it at least one listen.

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