Thursday, December 16, 2010


Man. This is going to be a little bit tougher of a post than I thought at first but, what the hell it's all icy outside and shit. ANYWAYS. Basically I'm going to take you through my experience of meeting Nemo.

I first met Nemo at some random ass house party I was at. He walked in the room looking a little punk rockish (no offense), skinny jeans, tank top and snap back. He approached me because I had on a Malcom X Ten Deep shirt on with a CATS hat, and he twitpic'd me. Keep in mind had no clue who this guy was. Well he finally told me his name was Nemo, still had no clue who he was. The next day I got on twitter and soon found out that he was cool with the Oneness Crew/staff/'stoopies'. I Immediately recognized their unique style and intuition. Oneness is a whole different story though, back to Nemo.

After meeting this guy I soon noticed that he was a musician and then everything made more sense. (the punk rock look, that is. Hip Hop x Skateboarding) The first music I heard from him was the Elevator Music EP, and I feel like Mr. Kinetik describes the experience way better than I could:

"Eccentric, eclectic, emerging artist. Poised and determined, bringing artistry and honesty back to our carbon copy culture. Nemo’s words resonate and reflect everyday people, and expose what it is to embody the new side of urban lifestyle. Looking to set himself apart from industry standards, Nemo has built unique concepts and placed hidden messages that are designed to inspire and uplift his followers."

I rocked that EP for months until the Oneness 1 year anniversary party at Awesome Inc. where I got to see other artists such as Souf, D- Eazy, and L.e. For The Uncool perform as well as Nemo. When watching him perform, you can tell he is giving you 100% because half way through his performance, he is sweating worse than Patrick Ewing in the '96 Playoffs.

Vibrations EP really caught my mind by surprise. Cleverly worded, and well produced. Easily my favorite work from Nemo. It is hard for me to describe what Nemo tapped into on this tape, but it is epic.

Since then, Nemo has changed his name....well added to his name. It is now Nemo Achida, and he has released The North Star EP, and several feature tracks with other artists. Such as L.e. For The Uncool, PBlackk, DG, Mino Slick, The 3RD, and Rashad. My favorite thing about Nemo is the fact that his music actually reflects what kind of person he really is. Which hearing the message in his music really opened my mind into what kind of a person Nemo really was, of which is still have not determined (who am I to judge).We have kicked it a few times, shared a few smokes. He is a real chill guy, some one you can learn a thing or two from. I don't really know him that great, but I do know this: Nemo is a kind person, a loving , a determined individual, a great artist, a free spirit, and an intelligent being.


I am not a writer by no means, I just felt the need to blog about this because Nemo is my favorite local artist, as well as a friend. So I ask of all of you to please come out this evening and bid Nemo Achida well on his journey into the Big City. ITS FREE TO GET IN!


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