Tuesday, April 12, 2011

DJ Smallz & Aleon Craft- Mothership Decatur [Mixtape]

Aleon Craft has been in the studio for the past 3 months, with SMKA, working on his follow-up project to The Stargazing Soundtrack. The Stargazing Soundtrack was Aleon Craft’s debut project and received both critical acclaim and national attention.

Mothership Decatur is the sonic progression of Aleon Craft, the solo artist, and the last mixtape before his debut album, Solar-Hop Chronicles (Date TBA). Aleon Craft’s Mothership Decatur is more Solar-Hop funk for your ear drums. Solar-Hop contains elements of Funk, Soul, R&B and Southern Hip-Hop, which are the influences that make Aleon Craft the artist he is today.

Executive Produced by SMKA
Produced by 808 Blake & Justin Padron of SMKA
Written by Aleon Craft
Additional Production by Sol Messiah, Roundtable Kings & DPMG
Engineered by Vance Vexed, Cameron Padron & Robert McDaniel of SMKA
Mastered by Robert McDaniel
Background Vocals Provided by Richelle Brown
Guitar Provided by 7King of SMKA, David Feldman & Parker Smith
Bass Provided by Chris Price & Preston Crump
No Shit Taken by Mike Walbert of SMKA

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