Monday, May 2, 2011

Neako- LOUDpack: TREE [Mixtape]

"Fresh off the release of his last mixtape LOUDpack2:HIGHlights, Neako is back to bring us his latest offering LOUDpack:TREE [LP:TREE] the third installment in the LOUDpack series. LP:TREE gives us 11 new original tracks also 11 remixed and remastered tracks that were featured on his last mixtape. With most of the production handled by Neako himself other featured production by Cashous Clay, Talen Ted, Chase N Cashe and more, the tape features artist like Juicy J, Vado, Wiz Khalifa, Allstar Da Great and more. Check after the jump for track listing and download link.

01. And Umm (Prod. by Snake Eyes | Intro Prod. by Neako]
02. The Dawn (Prod. by Neako)
03. Back So Soon (Prod. by Neako)
04. Higher Than Kanye (Prod. by Neako)
05. Flossin’ (feat. Juicy J) (Prod. by Neako)
06. Running (feat. Fresh Moss) (Prod. by Neako)
07. FUWK (Prod. by Neako)
08. Flesh (feat. Wiz Khalifa) (Prod. by Neako add. by Fluterscooter & Stork)
09. World Inc (feat. Young Jab & Devynity) (Prod. by Snake Eyes Neako, Flutes by Fluterscooter)
10. Everywhere (Prod. by Neako)
11. All Around The World (Prod. by Cashous Clay)
12. Wild (feat. Vado) (Prod. by Neako)
13. YSL Dream (Prod. by Neako)
14. Hector Lavoe (feat. Nasa) (Prod. by Neako add. Production by Fluterscooter & Stork)
15. Everywhere (Prod. by Neako)
16. Super Cool (Prod. by Neako)
17. Smoking Dope (feat. Allstar Da Great) (Prod. by Neako)
18. Vices (Prod. by Lex Luger & Stork)
19. Hello (Prod. By Talen Ted)
20. She Know So (Prod. by Neako)
21. Lift U Up (feat. Young Jab) (Prod. by Chase N Cashe)
22. We Own The Sky (Prod. by Neako) "

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